董事会例会一般在星期三举行, 但偶尔会在节假日前后重新安排. 买正规足球比赛的app的例会在下午4点15分开始.m.

请浏览 董事会决议网页 已通过的决议和 年报网页 查阅向董事会提交报告的时间和方式的清单.



Regular and Special Board meeting agendas are posted at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. 在每次董事会会议上, minutes from the previous meetings are approved and will be posted to the agenda webpage once available.


Details for accessing the meeting through teleconference will be provided on the agenda.

定期董事会会议是 在SPSTV上直播. 当会议不进行时, 我们的媒体运营团队在SPS-TV上播放以前的地区活动. 你可以浏览 在我们的媒体运营网页上播放时间表.

Regular Board meetings can also be viewed on the following Seattle channels:

  • 康卡斯特26(标清)319(高清)
  • 波26(标准清晰度)695(高清)
  • 世纪链接8008(标清)8508(高清)

看 过去的董事会会议记录 西雅图买正规足球比赛的app主席.



The Seattle 买正规足球比赛的app welcomes members of the public to the Regular meetings of the Board and dedicates time at these meetings to hear from the public on agenda items and other issues of concern.

It is important for all community members to feel welcome and safe in the Board’s business meetings. Audience members will be expected to treat all attendees with respect and civility, 正如正规买足球的App对我们学校学生的期望一样.

Public testimony will be taken in person and by teleconference from those who sign up to provide testimony and who are placed on the testimony list per the process described below. 

董事会程序1430BP, the order of public testimony will be determined as follows: the student speaker from the assigned district high school and then those speaking to agenda action items, 然后是议程介绍项目, 然后是大家感兴趣的项目.

Current district students who sign up through the process outlined in Board Procedure 1430BP, 说明自己是学生, 并且是演讲者名单上的20(或25)位演讲者之一, 会紧接在第一个发言时段之后吗. The Board agenda is posted by close of business the Friday before Board meetings.


The 买正规足球比赛的app Office will take sign-ups for the public testimony list 早上8点开始.m. 定期董事会会议前的星期一,一直持续到下午12点.m. 在会议前的那个星期二. Sign-ups received after noon 在会议前的那个星期二 will be added to the end of the list on a first-come, 先到先得,直至预定的会议开始时间.

The public testimony list will be posted on the meeting’s agenda by the close of business the day before the regular Board meeting. 所有会议议程都在 董事会议程网页.


要注册公开作证,公众成员应该这样做 一个 下列的:

  • 早上8点开始在线报名.m. 开会前的星期一下午4点15分.m. 开会的日子 (注:此方法取代之前的电子邮件注册过程)或
    • Sign-up form is available in Amharic, Spanish, Vietnamese, and Simplified Chinese.
  • 在此期间请拨打206-252-0040


  • 全名
  • 联络资料(电话及电邮地址)
  • 他们想要讨论的话题
  • 作证是亲自提供还是通过电话会议提供

请注意:演讲者必须自行报名, with the exception of students signed up by a parent or guardian and individuals who may need an accommodation for the public testimony sign-up process, including those with disabilities or those requiring language interpretation services. Additionally, if complete information is not provided, you will not be included on the list. The Board Office will not follow-up to obtain correct information or tell you where you are on the list.

公共的证词 at Regular Board 会议 is governed by Audience Participation 董事会政策编号. 1430 董事会程序 1430BP.

There are twenty (20) speaking spots available at each Regular Legislative Board meeting. Each speaker on the public testimony list will have up to two (2) minutes to speak. In the event that thirty five (35) or more public testimony requests are received 在开始之前  董事会会议, an additional five (5) speaking slots will be made available for that meeting only, 总共有二十五(25)个演讲者. 

如果你想把你的时间让给别人, you must attend the Board meeting and announce this to the Board when it is your turn to speak. 你为之奉献时间的人, will receive the remainder of your 2 minutes and should speak to the same topic.  As you have ceded your speaking time, you will not be able to speak again at the meeting.

如果你有讲义要给董事会, 请在开会前带10份给董事会工作人员. 任何人都不应该拿着救济品走近讲台.





  • 审计委员会
  • 特设社区参与委员会
  • 特设政策手册审查委员会


The Seattle 买正规足球比赛的app generally holds at least 一个 Regular Board meeting monthly. During Regular Board 会议, the Board takes public testimony and votes to take most final actions. 然而, Board discussions regarding items approved during Regular Board meetings often begin weeks earlier with preparation of Board Action Reports and Introduction to the Board. Information is included here to support the public in tracking items throughout this extended process.


当某项事项提交董事会处理时, 起草董事会行动报告(BAR), 连同所需的任何随附的董事会政策或其他附件. 这些文件通常是由工作人员准备的, 但董事也可以编写董事会行动报告, 修改或采纳政策和决议.


Board Action Reports are placed on draft Regular Board Meeting agendas developed by the 买正规足球比赛的app Office. These draft agendas are then reviewed and finalized by the Board President and Superintendent, 哪项规定一次两次定期董事会会议议程. 合同的bar, 奖助金, and other routine business like meeting minutes are placed directly on a Consent Agenda for action by the Board. Other Board Action Reports are scheduled to first be introduced at 一个 Regular Board meeting, 并在下次董事会例会上投票表决. 当一个项目被引入时, 由职员或赞助董事提交, 董事们有机会提问和讨论, 但没有采取任何行动. The public also has the opportunity at this point, and during all Regular Board meetings, to 通过注册提供公开证词来提供反馈.

介绍后, the Board Action item is then generally scheduled for a vote during the next Regular Board meeting as part of the Consent Agenda. 每 董事会政策编号. 提议的议程 & 同意议程, a Consent Agenda is used to expedite business at Regular Board meetings by having the Board approve multiple items with 一个 motion and vote. The use of a Consent Agenda is best practice for governing bodies (See more information on using a Consent Agenda to streamline meetings from the 市政研究服务中心). 以学生成果为重点的治理手册, 由大城市学校委员会和AJ Crabill开发, advises that all consent-eligible items should be placed on a Consent Agenda in order to focus Board meeting time on improving student outcomes (See the 董事会通过的学生成绩目标和保护措施).

当一个项目被列入同意议程时, it may be removed by any member of the Board during the Regular Board meeting. Any items removed from the Consent Agenda are discussed and voted on individually later in the meeting.